Another Sudoku Solver program

Here is another useful little Sudoku Solver freeware application. I haven’t found a Sudoku yet that it can’t figure out! (please post a comment here if you find one that stumps it)

I think it was a bit of a lunchtime distrction for the guys down at DeadMan’s Handle (data protection for laptops).

It features:

  • Integrated help.
  • Saving and loading of puzzles and solutions.
  • Scan of input data for obvious errors.
  • Very fast solution times.
  • Identification of malformed puzzles.
  • A training mode.
  • Maintenance of an eMail template.
  • Quick sending of a standard solution eMail from the template.
  • Generation of text messages for use with non-SMTP mail systems.

Of course, you could use the email feature for emailing in your answers quickly to the newspapers that run competitions, but we wouldn’t do that because that would be cheating, wouldn’t it?!!??…



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  1. 8:35 am on May 29 2005, Sciboy said:

    I have written a small java app after discovering Sudoku a few days ago. It does not *solve* Sudoku’s since that would be incredibly boring, but it does handle some of the tedious tasks in solving them, like keeping track of which numbers have been used in each row, column and quadrant.

    You can find it on my home page, under Programming.

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