How To Solve Sudoku

What is Sudoku? How do you play it? What are the tricks and techniques to help you get beyond staring at a bunch of blank squares, and start to fill in those numbers?

Michael Mepham has put together a great guide called, appropriately enough, Solving Sudoku. (If the link does not work, it is likely that you need to upgrade your version of Adobe Reader (free software). Go to and click on the Get Adobe Reader link.) It explains the rules, guides you through the basics, and gives you a quick teaser into the world of ‘Truly Diabolical Sudokus’. You even get four different Sudoku’s to attempt, ranging from Gentle and Moderate, through to Tough and Diabolical! (and it also gives you the answers on the next page).

Click Here to open the guide in a new window.



6 Responses to “How To Solve Sudoku”

  1. 12:47 am on May 21 2005, Jon Allen said:

    I think they must moved
    that document as the link
    no longer works.

  2. 12:47 am on May 21 2005, The Navigator said:

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the ‘heads up’. I have posted a Google-created archive of the tutorial here.


  3. 12:47 am on May 21 2005, The Navigator said:

    The original link is working again now.

  4. 12:47 am on May 21 2005, isudoku said:

    Find sudoku puzzle generator, logic solver, and techniques at

  5. 12:47 am on May 21 2005, sudoku said:
  6. 12:47 am on May 21 2005, Patrick said:

    Check out Sudoku Learning Center.

    It has a great set of online tutorials on the various techniques to solve Sudoku puzzles along with specially designed puzzles to aid in mastering the various techniques.


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