Sudoku helper/solver

The good folk at MPP have put together a nifty little Sudoku Helper / Solver. It is freeware, although they take PayPal donations if you want to support what they are doing.

It has a useful feature to easily display which numbers can be entered into each square, although the interface is a little clunky (you can’t just type in a number, you have to right click and select the number to enter it).

It has a built in ‘hint’ facility (eg “The cell at row 4, column 5 is the only possible location for 4 within its group.”), or you can just get it to solve the puzzle outright (is that cheating?…. :-). Although I did find with really tough puzzles it sometimes cannot figure them out. I guess there’s no substitute for the grey matter after all…

Another great feature is the ability to create puzzles, with 5 levels of difficulty rated from Trivial through to Hardest. In fact the hard puzzles are so hard that it is not always able to solve its own puzzles!

All in all, it is a great little utility with some useful features. And you can’t really go wrong for the price!

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