Super Sudoku

Just in case a 3 x 3 grid (81 squares) is not enough for you, The Independent has released a version in its weekend edition of a 4 x 4 grid (256 squares), called the Super Sudoku. Because we run out of numbers at 9, it uses the computer number base hexadecimal, which uses the letters a – f to signify 10 – 15.

I guess they figure that you have the whole weekend to get it done! Then you have to go back to work on Monday to let your brain recover!


2 Responses to “Super Sudoku”

  1. 11:35 am on May 21 2005, Anonymous said:

    hi i think this site is ok but you should be able to just print sudoku’s off to print without having to open and save things. the blank ones r a gd idea but to make this site 10x better have printable versions of super sudoku and sudoku’s

  2. 11:35 am on May 21 2005, The Navigator said:

    Hey, thanks for you feedback. I will definitely look into making the on-line experience a little less offline!
    I am currently looking into sourcing alternatives to the 9 x 9 grid.
    Regards, Tim

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