Do You Sudoku?

Do You Sudoku?

This software for the Pocket PC is designed to assist in solving Sudoku puzzles. Surprise your friends with your Sudoku genius! Most (but please note not all) Sudoku puzzles can be cracked in under 5 minutes. Using your Pocket PC means that you can solves puzzles in any location. No newspaper required!

ARM4 Processor version US $9.99
ARM/MIPS/SH3 Processors version US $9.99

The program comes complete with 25 puzzles rated from very easy to extremely difficult. If you want to take it further, an additional pack of 25 puzzles can also be purchased. This diverse collection of Sudoku puzzles requires Pocket PC Sudoku Solver to open them. Some are easy, some are fiendish. Some may make you go slightly crazy. Sudoku Solver rates the difficulty of each puzzle (and for the lazy, gives help with completion!).

25 Puzzle Pack US $5.00 (requires Do You Sudoku software to run)



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