Samurai Sudoku Solver

Have you heard of the Samurai Sudoku?

Think of it as five Sudoku puzzles, arranged with one in the center and the other four at each corner, with the corner 3×3 blocks overlapping.

Check out this Samurai Sudoku solver (available to UK residents only due to the fact that you need to register for a £1 code using your mobile phone).

I am still trying to track down some puzzles for you. I will update this post when I do.


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  1. 11:44 pm on June 17 2005, scrose said:
  2. 11:44 pm on June 17 2005, The Navigator said:

    Hey, that’s great. Thanks for posting these puzzles.

  3. 11:44 pm on June 17 2005, Jon Allen said:

    check out this one
    that someone posted on the

  4. 11:44 pm on June 17 2005, The Navigator said:

    Wow, thanks for this.

    It is so big it doesn’t even fit on my 1400 x 1050 resolution screen!

    For the record – it is 6 9×9 Sudoku puzzles across the top, and 4 down the side, each joined by more overlapping Sudoku puzzles. That is 39 overlapping Sudoku puzzles in all, or 291 3×3 blocks, or 2,619 individual cells!

    If anyone has attempted it, please post your name here and let us all know how far you got. If you complete it, then WOW!!! You will definitely get a mention on the main page of The Sudoku Experience!

  5. 11:44 pm on June 17 2005, Mike said:

    Thanks for linking to us at top-notch! If you’re still looking for more examples of “samurai” or gattai five type puzzles, I’ve put some on the site. There’ll be a new free one each week; registered users get three additional gattai fives as well as access to the solvers. I’ve also put up something which, as far as I’m aware, is a unique sudoku variant which we’ve called “wordokus”. These use letters instead of numbers and have a hidden word in the grid – they’re an attempt to add some crossword-style thinking to the logical sudoku-solving methods (plus being letters makes it slightly awkward for people to cheat by using a solver program 🙂 ). We’ll be posting one free wordoku each week; registered users get access to an additional four.

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