Sudoku in Jerusalem Post – No Stranger to Numbers

The Jerusalem Post has started to publish Sudoku puzzles.

Although the Sudoku has only recently arrived, Israel has a very long history with number puzzles, dating back thousands of years. In modern times, gematria (a form of Hebrew numerology that uses the numerical values of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet) gymnastics often add witty content to after-dinner speeches or Torah lessons, the speaker trying, for example, to come up with compliments which share the same sum as the bar-mitzva boy’s name or the combined names of a wedding couple.

The article puts Sudoku to the gematria test. Sudoku totals 182, the equivalent of holech vehazek – getting stronger and stronger – which characterizes the popularity of the new craze and reassuringly confirms the authentic significance of gematria.

Enjoy, Tim


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