Sudoku not just a puzzle, but a work of beauty

Wayne Gould, the guy who introduced Sudoku to the UK, and ultimately to the rest of the world, thinks his Sudoku puzzles are beautiful. His wife thinks they are a bit of a doddle.

“I make sure they follow the Japanese style. They insist on having clues spread symmetrically so that it looks beautiful. Then it’s not just a puzzle, it’s a work of beauty.”

“I used to use my wife Gaye to test them. Unfortunately, after all that experience she is now much better at solving them than I am. She really has got it down to a fine art and can do an easy puzzle in about 90 seconds. It still takes me about three minutes.”

Check out the full article in The New Zealand Herald.


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  1. 2:41 pm on June 30 2005, Tom said:

    Very pretty online Sudoku: with nice graphics and patterns (smiley, yinyang..).

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