Sudoku Puzzle Helper

Peter Forret has given us an on-line Sudoku Puzzle Helper.

Unlike other solvers that just give you the answer, this nifty little tool saves you time by letting you know which numbers are still available to go into the squares. It saves you the time-consuming task of doing the “Can a 1 go here? Can a 2 go here? etc” for each cell, but without actually solving it for you.

This means that you still have the satisfaction of working out the tricky logic, secure in the knowledge that you won’t make any silly little mistakes.

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  1. 3:40 am on June 7 2005, SciBoy said:

    Great minds think alike. 🙂 I’ve done the same thing, but with a small Java application. It can be found here: under programming. Direct link:

  2. 3:40 am on June 7 2005, Anonymous said:

    The most elegant Sudoku Helper, used by thousands is here

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