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Tribune Media Services To Syndicate ‘Sudoku’ Puzzles

Starting Monday 18th July, Tribune Media Services will become at least the third major ‘Sudoku’ distributor. TMS follows the self-syndicated Wayne Gould (who began doing the puzzles for newspapers last fall) and Universal Press Syndicate (which announced in May that it was offering ‘Sudoku’ puzzles by David Bodycombe).

TMS will syndicate ‘Sudoku’ puzzles by Michael Mepham, who has been doing a version of the grid-based logic game for the Los Angeles Times. The feature will be daily, and increase in difficulty as the week goes on. Mepham has produced several books of ‘Sudoku’ puzzles, including those that appeared in The Daily Telegraph of London.

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Cayman Net News to introduce latest puzzle craze

Cayman Net News is about to introduce the latest craze that is literally sweeping the globe.

On Friday 14 July Net News will publish its first Su Doku (or sudoku) puzzle grid on the “Comics” page.



Simple Sudoku explanations

Thanks to Jon Allen for the heads-up on this site.

Chandru Arni gives some very interesting explanations on how to play Sudoku, using shapes and symbols to assist those numerically-challenged amongst us, and smaller grids than 9 x 9 to help simplify things for the purposes of the lesson.

He also proposes a two player version of the game.

Check it out.


Simple Sudoku

Simple Sudoku generates high quality puzzles that are symmetrical, with a single solution, and do not require trial & error to solve. The user can also choose between five levels of complexity – from Easy to Extreme. Each puzzle is generated randomly so there is an almost limitless selection.

Not only does Simple Sudoku make challenging puzzles, it also provides tools to help solve them – removing the drudgery but not the fun. Keeping track of possible values for blank cells (candidates), providing filters and color markers are just some of the tools available to make solving even those really tricky puzzles possible. Also, if you ever get really stuck, Simple Sudoku can get you started again with a discrete hint (without giving everything away).

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Solving Sudoku Tutorial

This is by far the best online tutorial that I have come across so far. It takes you right from the very basics, right through to explaining X-Wings and Swordfish.

Enjoy, Tim


Sudoku Master review

I have told you about Mastersoft’s SuDoku Master, before, now George has provided us with an indepth review of the program.

nb. Only for Pocket PC’s. But very nice!


Sudoku Whiteboard

Here’s a great little idea for those times when your eyes have gotten tired of quinting at a little 3″ x 3″ grid, or worse still, at the computer screen (or even worse still again, at your PDA screen!)…

Simply draw up a Sudoku grid using permanent markers on a whiteboard, then write in numbers to your heart’s content with a standard whiteboard marker.

Possibly a good idea to put up in the coffee area at work – a bit of communal Sudoku – although maybe the boss would get a bit concerned about the length of coffee breaks!…

Enjoy, Tim.


Beginners tutorial: 4 x 4 grid Sudoku

If you are just getting started you might want to have a look at this site. It shows (with pictures) how to solve a simple 4 x 4 Sudoku puzzle.

Which is a great way to start, because having only 4 numbers makes it much easier to see what is going on, and all of the principles can be applied to the usual 9 x 9 grid.



Logic puzzle sudoku piques brains worldwide

In theory, anyone who can count can solve sudoku, which loosely translates as “single number.” But the underlying complexity is what has attracted millions worldwide.

For Bob Keegan, 56, a retired businessman in Green Valley, Ariz., sudoku offers a daily challenge that doesn’t involve word games or common knowledge.

“Accountants and engineers who like numbers will love this puzzle,” Keegan says. Keegan’s wife, Susan, discovered sudoku when she noticed a woman working one in a doctor’s waiting room.

She downloaded a puzzle that afternoon and shared it with her husband. Hooked, the two started doing at least a game a day.

“She was afraid that I wasn’t using my brain enough now that I’m retired,” Keegan says. “She wanted me to be sharper.”

But it’s a puzzle in which skill trumps smarts. “I have met people who you would expect to be brilliant and they have a blind spot for this puzzle,” says Wayne Gould, a New Zealander who discovered the game in Japan in 1997 and developed a computer program that generates fresh sudoku puzzles. “And I have met people without as much education who do very well with it.”

More… – Life Section puzzles Sudoku

Members of a can now play Sudoku online. You can also try their puzzle service (including daily USA TODAY Crossword, 5 nationally syndicated crosswords daily, 2 jumbo size crosswords weekly, 3 daily updated jigsaws, 8 daily updated word games including the daily Jumble, 2 daily trivia challenges and dozens of other challenging word games, puzzles and card games), absolutely free. Cancel at anytime during the first 7 days and you will not be charged.



Here’s one out of left field from Marginalien.

SUDOCRITTERS — The Game is an ‘on-line’ version of the Sudoku puzzle, using little pictures instead of numbers, and including rules for three player games!

You play by posting your move as a comment – the website will then be updated with your move.

Looks like a whole new concept in interactive Sudoku. Definitely brings in a communal aspect to what is otherwise a solitary game.

Enjoy, Tim.


Sudoku Comes to the Irish Examiner

The Irish Examiner has started to publish Sudoku Puzzles on its print edition.

Pack in your job, kiss your spouse farewell, padlock the door and pre-book your post-addiction withdrawal counselling sessions.

The puzzle craze that has swept the world is taking up residency in the print edition of The Irish Examiner and life will never be sane again.

At first a curiosity, it then becomes a challenge and finally a compulsion. Once hooked, there is no going back. Sudoku creeps into the consciousness and installs itself in the intellect until no blank square is safe. Just try to refrain from decorating the bathroom tiles.

Since Sudoku burst onto the scene a few months ago, it has revived coffee breaks, hijacked train journeys and left the latest chicklit and chiller thriller blockbusters on the shelf when it comes to the before-sleep must-do.



Now, play Sudoku on your mobile – in India

Sudoku is now available on your mobile phone in India.

To download the popular Japanese logic puzzle, an Airtel customer can log on to the Airtel Live WAP portal and click on the Sudoku link, which will initiate the application download procedure. Alternatively you can SMS the keyword SUDOKU to 646.

The initial download will come free and will be pre-loaded with a Sudoku puzzle. Upon completing the first puzzle, you can download a new puzzle through the application itself for Rs.10.



The Syracuse Post-Standard Gets Sudoku

The bridge column has moved from the comics page to the classified ads section to make room for the daily Sudoku puzzle in Syracuse’s Post-Standard. The Post-Standard is now publishing a Sudoku puzzle in the comics section Monday to Saturday, and in the Stars magazine on Sundays.



Focus Multimedia releases Infinite Sudoku for PC CD-ROM at the end of July 2005

Feeding the nation’s obsession for the biggest puzzle phenomenon since the crossword, Focus Multimedia releases Infinite Sudoku for PC CD-ROM at the end of July 2005.

Check out the details here


Malaysia goes sudoku

The Star checks out a pub where the regulars are addicted to Sudoku with their morning coffee.

“Once you get started, you want to finish it, and when you do, you get a really good feeling of success. Probably a good shot of endorphins that make you feel better,” says Michael Mepham, who operates and syndicates his puzzles to about 60 newspapers throughout the world.

“I play it because it is fun and easy. It is satisfying because when I’ve solved the puzzle, I can say I’m smart,” says Au with a laugh. Evon Au is a 33-year-old owner of Khanom Jeen restaurant in Subang Jaya.

Get the full story here .


Sudoku – an “Idea virus”

An article by Orna Coussin in Haaretz – Israel News – The Sudoku secret attempts to answer the question of “How did the Sudoku trend begin?”.

Looking at the ideas presented by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “The Tipping Point”, Coussin argues that Wayne Gould spread an “idea virus” by giving the puzzles to newspapers in the West for free as a means of promoting computer game software that he had developed.

Read the full article here.


Win £5,000 With The World’s Largest Sudoku Puzzle

Win £5,000 by being selected as the winner if you send in your version of the solution to the World’s Largest Sudoku Puzzle from the hills of Chipping Sodbury.

What? “Your version of the solution?” Yes, that’s right. There are reported to be 1905 unuique ‘correct’ solutions. So for the purists, this is not a Sudoku puzzle at all!

Anyway, it doesn’t pay to be elitist about it, when £5,000 is up for grabs!

Click here for entry details.