Here’s one out of left field from Marginalien.

SUDOCRITTERS — The Game is an ‘on-line’ version of the Sudoku puzzle, using little pictures instead of numbers, and including rules for three player games!

You play by posting your move as a comment – the website will then be updated with your move.

Looks like a whole new concept in interactive Sudoku. Definitely brings in a communal aspect to what is otherwise a solitary game.

Enjoy, Tim.


2 Responses to “SUDOCRITTERS — The Game”

  1. 11:58 am on July 11 2005, Robert Henry said:


    Nice post about 3 way sudoku…but sounds sinister in some ways, if you get my drift.


  2. 11:58 am on July 11 2005, Marginalien said:

    Hi and thanks for the post. The game is proceeding sloooowly …

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