Sudoku Comes to the Irish Examiner

The Irish Examiner has started to publish Sudoku Puzzles on its print edition.

Pack in your job, kiss your spouse farewell, padlock the door and pre-book your post-addiction withdrawal counselling sessions.

The puzzle craze that has swept the world is taking up residency in the print edition of The Irish Examiner and life will never be sane again.

At first a curiosity, it then becomes a challenge and finally a compulsion. Once hooked, there is no going back. Sudoku creeps into the consciousness and installs itself in the intellect until no blank square is safe. Just try to refrain from decorating the bathroom tiles.

Since Sudoku burst onto the scene a few months ago, it has revived coffee breaks, hijacked train journeys and left the latest chicklit and chiller thriller blockbusters on the shelf when it comes to the before-sleep must-do.



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