Tribune Media Services To Syndicate ‘Sudoku’ Puzzles

Starting Monday 18th July, Tribune Media Services will become at least the third major ‘Sudoku’ distributor. TMS follows the self-syndicated Wayne Gould (who began doing the puzzles for newspapers last fall) and Universal Press Syndicate (which announced in May that it was offering ‘Sudoku’ puzzles by David Bodycombe).

TMS will syndicate ‘Sudoku’ puzzles by Michael Mepham, who has been doing a version of the grid-based logic game for the Los Angeles Times. The feature will be daily, and increase in difficulty as the week goes on. Mepham has produced several books of ‘Sudoku’ puzzles, including those that appeared in The Daily Telegraph of London.

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  1. 9:31 am on July 31 2005, John said:

    I get the Ft Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel and am a regular on the Suduko puzzles. I’ve noticed that some of the puzzles in particular todays ( 01/24/2011) seemed odd. When I entered them in the “Simple Sudoku” free program on my computer the program indicated that the puzzle was INVALID and it indicated it had 7 solutions. I’ve noticed this previously on Tribune media puzzles as well. Don’t have the details now. Any idea what might be happening?

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