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Number of Possible Sudoku Grids

Further to my previous post that gave an idea on how many combinations of Sudoku puzzles we can have, Alex Rothenberg has come up with another answer.

Check out The Number of Possible Sudoku Grids.

I have a funny idea that this is just an academic question that will keep those who are so inclined busy for a long time. I mean, how will us mere mortals ever know when someone has got the “right” answer? Whatever, it’s interesting to follow along…

Enjoy, Tim


Sensei Vorderman

“With hard work and study, young novice, you may become a Sudoku Master when you are ready. But first you will have to defeat me in battle.”

Carol Vorderman really should be commended for her ability to jump on every bandwagon that’s going at the speed of sound. It’s a living, I guess.”


Hamster Sudoku

This one’s a bit of fun…

Think of Sudoku with pictures instead of numbers.

You can use the existing pictures, or upload your own.

A bit tricky if the pictures are similar, but a bit of fun, too.



Just can’t kick that puzzling habit

Danny Katz, well known to The Age readers in Melbourne, Australia, has just announced his Sudoku addiction.

“Just this month I’ve stumbled across a new addiction, perhaps the most addictive of them all… I’m talking about the big S. The Japanese Junk. The Brain-Boiler itself, also known on the streets as… Soduko.”

“For some reason Soduko makes sense to me: there’s no maths involved or word-knowledge or even intelligence – you just need to be able to count from one to nine, AND I CAN DO THAT, I CAN DO THAT.”

Enjoy, Tim


Media Week – Future joins Su Doku craze

Bath-based magazine group Future is to jump on the Su Doku bandwagon at the end of August and launch its own monthly magazine for fans of the Japanese number game.

The group will publish the 68-page Total Su Doku from 25 August and the first edition will have a print run of 38,000 copies.

“Total Su Doku will do its bit to satisfy the needs of puzzle junkies each month.”

Enjoy – Tim


TealPoint Brings the Sudoku Craze to Your Palm

TealPoint Software, the leading developer of business and consumer applications for Palm connected organizers, announced today the release of Sudoku Addict version 1.00 for Palm OS handhelds.

Sudoku Addict comes complete with 3000 different puzzles, three challenging levels of difficulty, intuitive controls, a manual puzzle editor, a pencil annotation mode, and a puzzle-solver capable of completing any valid Sudoku. Sudoku Addict retails for $14.95.



Chicago Sun-Times Publishes Sudoku

In an article entitled “Sudoku: This game’s not for the weak of mind — or patience”, The Chicago Sun-Times announces that it will now publish Sudoku puzzles Monday through Saturday on the second comics page.

They also had this to say:

“Aside from stimulating the intellect, Sudoku also has proved quite addictive — along the lines of Tetris, chocolate and some HBO original programming. British papers have carried ominous accounts of ‘Compulsive Sudoku Syndrome.’

‘Our experience is people can be immediately hooked,’ Spike Figgett, publishing director of Sudoku Selection magazine, told the Orlando Sentinel. ‘It is especially compelling to those of a compulsive nature and people who just won’t give up or give in. It’s caused many a commuter to miss their train stop.’ “



Sudoku firm may add up to £100m

Bid speculation is surrounding Puzzler Media, the magazine publisher that has capitalised on the sudoku boom.

Puzzler was bought for £36.7m in April 2002 but its recent success has led to speculation that it will be sold for as much as £100m.

The company has a turnover of £17.6m and a deal anywhere near the mooted price tag will provide a windfall for Puzzler’s management team, led by Mel Lewis, the managing director, and Peter Nugent, the finance director.

The company also publishes magazines such as Woman’s Weekly, Kriss Kross and The Puzzler.



News & Star

Cumbria is rising to the challenge of the new craze sweeping the country.

With the help of the News & Star you can try out the crossword of the 21st century with our daily Sudoku puzzles.

Every day the News & Star will be printing a puzzle.

If you consider yourself a Sudoku master, then you might be interested to know that News & Star are arranging a Cumbrian Sudoku championship. If you would like to compete leave your details on 01228 612300.


It’s not an ad, it’s cinema sudoku

OK, so it’s not really Sudoku, but a series of magazine advertisements by Stella Artois has recently been putting people into the same kind of glazed-eyed, mental-challenging trance-like states that have become so familiar with Sudoku.

For three weeks a series of adverts has been appearing in national magazines, each depicting a familiar scene of the English outdoors: a park, a town, a beach. But many readers stop their idle flicking when they realise those birds, or that car, or that shark’s fin look strangely familiar.

The Stella Artois adverts are a feast of cunning references to characters, props and scenarios from famous films. Anyone who has ever been inside a cinema is likely to recognise a few of the visual puns instantly; the challenge, which many find addictive, is then to crack the rest.