Chicago Sun-Times Publishes Sudoku

In an article entitled “Sudoku: This game’s not for the weak of mind — or patience”, The Chicago Sun-Times announces that it will now publish Sudoku puzzles Monday through Saturday on the second comics page.

They also had this to say:

“Aside from stimulating the intellect, Sudoku also has proved quite addictive — along the lines of Tetris, chocolate and some HBO original programming. British papers have carried ominous accounts of ‘Compulsive Sudoku Syndrome.’

‘Our experience is people can be immediately hooked,’ Spike Figgett, publishing director of Sudoku Selection magazine, told the Orlando Sentinel. ‘It is especially compelling to those of a compulsive nature and people who just won’t give up or give in. It’s caused many a commuter to miss their train stop.’ “



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