It’s not an ad, it’s cinema sudoku

OK, so it’s not really Sudoku, but a series of magazine advertisements by Stella Artois has recently been putting people into the same kind of glazed-eyed, mental-challenging trance-like states that have become so familiar with Sudoku.

For three weeks a series of adverts has been appearing in national magazines, each depicting a familiar scene of the English outdoors: a park, a town, a beach. But many readers stop their idle flicking when they realise those birds, or that car, or that shark’s fin look strangely familiar.

The Stella Artois adverts are a feast of cunning references to characters, props and scenarios from famous films. Anyone who has ever been inside a cinema is likely to recognise a few of the visual puns instantly; the challenge, which many find addictive, is then to crack the rest.




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