Number of Possible Sudoku Grids

Further to my previous post that gave an idea on how many combinations of Sudoku puzzles we can have, Alex Rothenberg has come up with another answer.

Check out The Number of Possible Sudoku Grids.

I have a funny idea that this is just an academic question that will keep those who are so inclined busy for a long time. I mean, how will us mere mortals ever know when someone has got the “right” answer? Whatever, it’s interesting to follow along…

Enjoy, Tim


3 Responses to “Number of Possible Sudoku Grids”

  1. 3:49 am on August 19 2005, Alex Rothenberg said:

    I don’t deserve any credit for this answer; the number I cited in my post was the result of programs written by Bertram Felgenhauer and Frazer Jarvis. I really hope I didn’t give anyone the impression that I came up with it.

    I’m still curious about what the minimum number of revealed cells is, in order that the sudoku solution remains unique. If you hear about anyone who’s done work on this, please let me know.

  2. 3:49 am on August 19 2005, Jon Allen said:

    have you seen the new
    “Killer Sudoku” in the times ?


  3. 3:49 am on August 19 2005, sudoku said:

    There is a good sudoku website.

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