Much ado about Sudoku

“Sudoku, or Su Doku, is the name for a maddeningly addictive Japanese number logic puzzle which has become a bona fide craze in the United States during the past few months.”

According to the most recent list of best-selling books tracked by USA Today, seven of the top 100 were compilations of Sudoku puzzles.

The rapid rise in popularity of the game has reminded some of the Rubik’s cube phenomenon in the 1980s. So who stands to make money from Sudoku?

Wayne Gould, a Hong Kong-based entrepreneur who has written a computer program that generates Sudoku puzzles, said that his firm, Pappocom, has received “well over $1 million” in revenue in less than a year from the game.

Considering how fast the game has become a pop-culture phenomenon, Gould is a bit worried that the craze could cool just as rapidly. “The glut does concern me. But it’s a free market,” Gould said.

Kathie Kerr, a spokesperson for Universal Press Syndicate, which began offering a version of Sudoku to newspapers in May and already has 250 clients, believes that Sudoku won’t be a fad. “This has been a fantastic launch for any new feature. It’s unprecedented,” she said.

“Crossword puzzles are the love of many people. There is a hope that newspapers can build the same kind of loyalty with Sudoku fans,” she said.

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