Parker Pens cashes in on Sudoku

Parker Pens has become the first advertiser to cash in on the Sudoku craze, sponsoring the puzzle in The Independent.

The deal, brokered by Starcom on behalf of Sanford Fine, promotes Parker Pens’ new three-in-one product, which incorporates a pencil, pen and a PDA pointer.

The campaign, which starts on Monday, 3 October and will run every weekday until the end of December, is a departure from traditional advertising for Parker.

The Independent ‘s solutions department created a bespoke package that includes space around the Quick Sudoku on the back page and also the three puzzles on the games page.

Starcom said the puzzle was ideal for the product because players could use pencil to work out the options and fill in the final number in pen.

The PDA pointer could also come in handy for diehard fans as Starcom and Avantgo are creating a Sudoku Channel for download onto PDAs.

‘It is such a perfect fit with Sudoku,’ said Starcom’s Nadine Kafena, the planner responsible for the deal.

Story from Media Week


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