Puzzler offers addicts seven different challenges on new website

Puzzle publisher, Puzzler Media, has launched an interactive site to cater for fans of seven different puzzle types.

The site boasts more than 12 new posers each day and fans who register for a Puzzle Pass can access content on a subscription basis from £1 for one day to £14.99 for a year.

The site features puzzles from crazes like Sudoku and Hanjie as well as traditional language-based challenges, such as crosswords, word searches, kriss kross, logic puzzles and code crackers.

Neil O’Brien, Puzzler Media’s business development director, said: “Puzzler.co.uk is a crucial element in our overall strategy to deliver puzzle content for all key interactive formats. Whether it’s on mobiles, on interactive TV, in print or on the web, we want to make sure that puzzlers can access content in the way they find most convenient.”

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2 Responses to “Puzzler offers addicts seven different challenges on new website”

  1. 3:30 am on October 22 2005, TedEBare said:

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  2. 3:30 am on October 22 2005, mateo_vera said:

    Juste pour vous dire que nous organisons des tournois de sudoku sur grilles-sudoku

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