Six-letter Word for $$$? Sudoku!

People the world over are furrowing their brows over Sudoku. The game that has had Britain in its grip for the past year now appears in most major American newspapers and has spawned bestselling books, a TV show, computer programs, tournaments, and countless addictions. Not since the Rubik’s Cube pandemic of 1980 or the crossword craze of 1924-25 has a puzzle generated this much madness – and unbridled commerce.

“The craze, judging by history, will last four, five, six months, and then it will taper off,” says Will Shortz, the editor of the New York Times crossword and high priest of puzzling. “But I think the underlying appeal of Sudoku will make it last forever. It’s not just hype. If you do the puzzle, it’s very easy to get hooked.”

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