Sudoku ku-ku

I guess it’s fair to say that not everyone shares our love of Sudoku.

Check out these comments by Chris Harris from the Los Angeles Times

“The word ‘Sudoku’ comes from the Japanese words ‘sudo,’ meaning ‘a 9-by-9 grid,’ and ‘ku,’ meaning ‘one must complete so that each row, column and subgroup of 3-by-3 squares contains exactly one of each digit from 1 through 9 in it.’

If you succeed in this task, you are rewarded with a hollow, vaguely dissatisfied feeling about the way you’ve just spent your time.”

Ah well, each to their own! Now gimme another puzzle…. 🙂



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  1. 1:10 am on October 3 2005, Reviewer said:

    Yeah, he just does not get it. Actually, your mind feels a bit sharper once you are done. BTW, here is a nice Flash version with difficulty levels to suit all types:

    Cheers, Peter

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