Word to the wise: pencils.

On Monday, a Google search for “sudoku” turned up 10 million hits. On Tuesday, the number jumped to 10.3 million. Sudoku, it appears, is an honest-to-gosh phenomenon. And its days do not appear to be numbered.

In September the puzzles made publishing history, cracking national bestseller lists with three sound-alike titles: ‘The Book of Sudoku’ (Overlook Press, $9.95), ‘Sudoku Easy to Hard’ (St. Martin’s Press $6.95) and the inevitable ‘Su Doku for Dummies’ (Wiley, $9.99).

This is no mean feat in the publishing world, especially since two of those books consist of pages with nothing on them but boxes and numbers. But such is the appeal of sudoku, a wildly popular pastime that may singlehandedly bring back the pencil.

Sudoku also may bring back something called logic, because it requires players to think in two directions at once and make Sherlock Holmesian deductions based on the process of elimination.

Word to the wise: pencils.

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  1. 1:14 am on October 3 2005, Reviewer said:

    Yes, Sudoku is truly becoming a world craze. Check out this new Flash version, with difficulty and game sizes for all ages


    Cheers, Peter

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